Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Presents Tense

I haven't posted since the Storm of Silence back in April, and mostly that's due to my son needing adult supervision and care, but what can you expect from a now 1 year old?

I missed the Harvester of Souls this year, which makes it twice in a row.  I'm sad about that, but responsibility always has to come first.  I'm going to vow to make it in 2017!

Khuster's Cav has always been close to my heart, and well known in local circles.  Since the Storm, I really haven't done anything this year.  I did, however, get an airbrush for my birthday in August, and I'm looking forward to repainting my knight with it.  By the way, transitioning from brush to airbrush is a bit intimidating.

Despite lack of time for the hobby, I've managed to come into possession of the Battle for Vedross box set, and a few boxes of Ork expansions, along with a friends entire IG army.  I played with the Orks this last Sunday, and I really like how they handled!  Does this mean I'm switching armies?  Hardly.  I have about 500 points of them in total, and I'm playing with a theme idea that my mind says I can do, but my skill says "no way in hell!"

I really want to practice my layering, as that has continually kept me from competing in the appearance awards at the Gamer's Haven.  Unfortunately, once I nail it, that means I have to repaint my bikes.  ALL of my bikes.  Which, if you remember, unburdened with a tiny human to raise, it took me a year to do the last time.  Probably two years this time, which means not in time for the Storm in six months.

So, I had better get to work learning.  Deadline set in 6 months.  I need new paints too...

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